Junior is a hurricane of mess. He started pulling up onto his knees consistently today. It’s making him destroy everything.

Unrolling toilet paper. Crashing over the heater, rubber maids, pulling out drawers, knocking over chairs and trash cans, and pulling down the blinds. Apparently my husband was like this as a kid. Before he was one year old he found a screw driver and disassembled his crib. In the same breath he’d rip off his diaper and smear it on the walls. I’m in for a treat. I can handle it. If I can just get him to mother fucking sleep.

Junior got mad at me for not feeding him fast enough and he snatched the bowl from my hand and threw it onto the floor. Now I only have 2 little bowls left. I have no idea where he gets this temper from. (HA)

Oh. He also got into my bag of razors(pulling out the drawers). Thankfully I caught him in the act of raining them down on his face and they weren’t unsheathed. This kid.

My dad got Jūnz a wooden barn. The last pic is him playing with the farm animals on our porch. I kept them in the bag so he wouldn’t throw them out into the yard immediately.